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“Dutch Muay Thai” Kickboxing

Kickboxing is an effective method of self-defense developed from an ancient form of martial art used by the Siamese army during the medieval ages to defeat their enemies on the battlefield. It has evolved into the martial art of choice that is used by “eight-limbed warriors” to deliver punches, elbows, knees, and kicks, as well as standing grappling techniques, to devastate their opponents both inside and outside of the ring.


AMAA has developed a curriculum that propels students towards their pinnacle of self-defense aptitude, physical condition and mental discipline. Students can expect to take part in strenuous exercises that improve their mental and physical capacities while developing their Kickboxing skills in a fun and safe environment.

Here at AMAA we have had the ability to train with several great Kickboxing fighter/trainers. One of these is the 9 time World Champion “Rob Kaman”. Rob has passed on his Dutch style of Kickboxing to our program. Thus our program is called “Dutch Muay Thai”.




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